Are Turkish towels really worth it?

Are Turkish towels really worth it?

Yes, yes and yes!!  In our humble opinion these towels are ethically sourced, artisanal pieces that represent an investment in a simple, beautiful life.

What is so special about Turkish towels and are they really worth the extra cost? 

Turkish cotton is considered superior to other cottons as it has extra long fibres which makes 100% Turkish cotton towels typically softer, more absorbent and more durable than standard towels. The thin weave of Turkish towels also means they don't hold sand or become smelly and heavy when damp. 

Turkish towels are lightweight and versatile as well as being very beautiful!  Ideal for bath, pool and beach use, Turkish towels are perfect for travelling, van life, outdoor living, exercise, and for use as wraps, sarongs and scarfs. 

How can you tell the quality of a Turkish towel?  It is important to look for Turkish towels that are loomed in Türkiye using 100% Turkish cotton as Sunsalt towels are.

Sunsalt towels are woven both by hand and semi automatic machine by the Turkish family we collaborate with. Turkish towels cost a little more because they are not mass produced items. Some of the towels are loomed on old shuttle-looms; true, traditional artisanship.  What we appreciate most about this style of manufacturing is the love and tradition that gets woven into the towels that have the potential to be in our lives for decades. 

As a result of this looming style the towels may hold slight irregularities, making each one unique. One secret of Turkish towels is that the more these towels are used, the softer and more absorbent they become. 

You may also wonder how you can best take care of your Turkish towels to ensure they last.  It is easy to maintain you towels' freshness and softness over time with a few precautions.

Firstly, soak your towel in cold water before first use.

Before using your towel. we recommend that you soak it in cold water in a bucket/sink/bathtub for at least 12 hours. Soaking your thirsty towel prior to first use allows the extra long fibres to fully expand and become extremely absorbent.  Soaking will also rinse out any dust gathered on the long journey between Türkiye and Byron Bay!!

After your towel has soaked, wring it out or spin dry and hang it in a shady spot. The sun will inevitably cause towels to fade, so best to keep them out of the sun when drying.  Air dying also helps towels remain soft, supple and absorbent.

How often do you wash Turkish towels?

To maintain your towels' freshness we recommend that you simply rinse in cold water every now and then, and wash no more than every 3 to 4 uses.  When towels need a proper wash, use only cold water and the minimum amount of detergent. Please don't use bleach or fabric softener on your towel. If the towel comes out looking a bit wrinkly and it bothers you....simply give it an iron, on a cool-medium setting and it will come up as smoothly as new!!

Dealing with Loose threads.

Over time, you may find the occasional loose thread on your towel due to catching on sharp objects such as jewellery.  If this happens, try to pull the fabric taut so that the offending thread eases back into place. If there is still a loop or thread hanging loose, simply cut off the affected thread!  Due to the weaving techniques used, the towel will not unravel if a single thread gets cut.

Sunsalt towels; Simple. Beautiful. Ethical. Versatile..... and easy to look after!

Eva x


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